Unique Phoenix’s Ski Resorts – Guide to Skiing Arizona

There are well facilitated ski resorts in and around Phoenix. The skiers will be happy to visit these resorts for a weekend and to glide down the slopes of mountains. These resorts offer facilities for every level of expertise.

Arizona Snow bowl is situated on the San Francisco Peaks. These peaks are a part of the Coconino National Forest which is only a 2 hours drive from the city of Phoenix. The resort offers 32 amazing trails, 777 acres of ski-able land with a vertical drop of 2,300 feet. This area quite obviously experiences the typical desert climate of Arizona thus making it possible for skiers to do sunny skiing as well.

The Sunrise Park Resort is the largest ski resort in Arizona. It is situated in the White Mountains. The ski-able zone offers cross-country trails for more than 13 miles and 8 lifts. This resort is owned and managed by the Apache Tribe of the White Mountains. This is one of the finest ski resorts in the state. You can also do mountain biking, horseback rides and lift rides out here.

Flagstaff Nordic Center is among the most popular ski resorts in Arizona. It is situated at a distance of only 7 miles from Snow bowl. This resort offers more than just skiing. It offers a host of winter snow activities to the visitors which include sledding, snowshoeing and of course skiing. Inter country competitions are held in this resort during the winter months. Skiers normally find the Nordic trails extremely interesting to ski on.

Another ski resort close to Phoenix is the Mount Lemmon Ski Valley. Here skiers can not only ski but can also snowboard. 200 acres of ski-able land with 3 lifts and vertical drop of 290 meters makes it one of the smallest ski centers. However, it is popular due to the scenic beauty it offers.

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